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Living with a Disability: A Conversation with Stacey Milbern

In May, 2012, The Special Hope Foundation provided a grant to the Autistic Self Advocacy
 Network (ASAN) to develop a policy brief series educating the disability professional community and the public about healthcare barriers, challenges, and needs of adults and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The project, Pacific Alliance on Disability Self-Advocacy (PADSA), […]

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UCSF’s 13th Annual Developmental Disabilites Conference Called “Transformative”

Special Hope Foundation’s grantee educates and inspires the medical community

 “When I was in med school,” says  developmental-behavioral pediatrician Lucy Crain, “maybe a total of 4 hours was devoted to developmental disabilities, mostly cerebral palsy, epilepsy, mental retardation (before we began using the term ‘intellectual disability’) and Down Syndrome. […]

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