WITH Holiday Reception

Reflections and sharing gratitude

Last week, WITH Foundation invited local grantees, community partners, disability advocates, and other funders to a holiday reception to show gratitude for their work, and also to share updates of the foundation’s busy and productive year. The reception was held at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, California.

WITH Foundation promotes comprehensive and […]

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WITH Foundation gives thanks on National Philanthropy Day

WITH SAAC Collage of faces of members of WITH’s Self-Advocate Advisory Committee, individuals with a variety of skin and hair colors.

November 15th is National Philanthropy Day, a celebration of philanthropy that highlights the accomplishments, large and small, that philanthropy—and all those involved in the philanthropic process—makes to our […]

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Digital Health: Takeaways from the USC Body Computing Conference

Representatives from WITH Foundation, as part of our Digital Health Initiative, attended the 12th Annual Global Body Computing Conference September 28 at USC. The annual event is designed for those seeking modern healthcare solutions and is known for creating and cultivating ideas that turn into sustainable industry trends.

More about WITH’s Digital Health Initiative

In an […]

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Voice Assist for All – Team Amplify Wins the USC CBC/WITH Foundation Hackathon


An increasing number of US households are embracing digital voice assistants such as Amazon AlexaGoogle Assistant, Cortana and Siri. This rising prevalence of home-based voice assistants has led some healthcare experts to wonder whether Alexa can go beyond just playing music and dimming the lights, to actually helping patients in need. Can […]

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Expert Conversations: Kara Chien

#Expert Conversations

Kara Chien (Image Description: Asian woman with short back hair wearing a dark suit and speaking into a microphone)

WITH is pleased to present Expert Conversations, an ongoing series that will feature conversations with experts in the fields of healthcare, disability, digital health, and philanthropy. 

Today’s Expert Conversation […]

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