Digital Health: Improving Lives of People with Disabilities

What does Pokémon Go have to do with it?

Early results indicate that Pokémon Go players appear to show improvement in mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety, and they are losing weight.  Both of these may very well be side effects from increased outdoor exercise that is incentivized by the game.  This is the latest example of technology that provides a positive impact for individuals with disabilities.

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Much of the technology that we take for granted, including dictation, texting, driverless cars, and voice controls evolved from software Apple created to help people with disabilities. In fact, technology pioneers such as Apple, Yahoo and Microsoft have discovered focusing on users with disabilities maker their products better for all.

Apps, wearable tech, hardware/software, all of this needs to be designed with accessibility and universal design ‘baked’ in at the outset, not as something tacked on in hindsight. There is such potential for technology that can allow disabled people to maximize their potential if only developers and designers are mindful of the needs of diverse users.

“Technology has a huge impact on my life,” says disability advocate, Alice Wong. “As a disabled person, it has meant an accessible workplace and connection to an online community that sustains and supports me.”

The Special Hope Foundation is enthusiastic about the ways technology can improve health benefits and healthcare delivery for people with disabilities, and are looking forward to attending the 10th Annual Global Body Computing Conference September 23  in Los Angeles.

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The Annual Body Computing conference, produced by the USC Center for Body Computing, is an event designed for those seeking modern healthcare solutions. Digital and life science executives, sensor and mobile app inventors, strategists, designers, investors, visionaries, and creatives will captivate both on stage and in the crowd. The internationally renowned conference is known for creating and cultivating ideas that turn into sustainable industry trends.

The mission of the Special Hope Foundation is to promote the establishment of comprehensive healthcare for adults with developmental disabilities designed to meet their unique and fundamental needs.  We look forward to learning from leaders in the digital health field, and also sharing our healthcare stories with them. We expect to come back from the conference with new ideas and new partnerships!

Stay tuned…

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