Down Syndrome 101 for the Medical Community

Redefining the art of medical education

The last time we talked, I was telling you about FRAME,  a web-based educational library and resource created by our grantee Positive Exposure that changes how medical information is presented to health care professionals in training, clinicians, families and communities. 


Lynne, Special Hope’s Executive Director and I  first learned about Positive Exposure when we met founder Rick Guidotti, at the AADMD Conference in Princeton last year, where he was a keynote speaker.

FRAME utilizes brief educational films hosted on the Positive Exposure and partner websites. What started as a pilot in collaboration with students in the Joan H Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics Sarah Lawrence College with five genetic conditions – and formerly entitled The New Face of Genetics – FRAME is growing into an important compendium of genetic conditions that will change the way students in health care field see and experience individuals living with genetic differences.

Each brief film gives future genetic counselors, nurses and physicians a more robust understanding of rare genetic conditions, while modeling an attitude of respect for the humanity of patients.  Viewers will get to see participants talk, move, and smile, a departure from the “patient-as-a-specimen” model that most educational medical literature utilizes.  FRAME presents individuals living with specific genetic conditions in a manner, which captures their humanity and beauty.

We are proud to introduce one of the films, which presents  Down Syndrome to the medical community, educating like never before.

Watch it here.

Learn more about Frame here, and please share this valuable resource.

The mission of the Special Hope Foundation is to promote the establishment of comprehensive health care for adults with developmental disabilities designed to address their unique and fundamental needs. Frame is at the heart of what we do, and we’re extremely proud to make resources like this possible.

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