How do I apply?

How do I apply? 2017-07-05T07:09:29+00:00

Application Process

Young woman with long brown hair and glasses, with service dog and caregiverThe WITH Foundation has three grant cycles per year, two open grant cycles open to all eligible applicants and one Request For Proposal that is presented to the UCEDD/LEND network. Our open grant cycles begin March 1 and November 1 of each year and our RFP opens July 1. Consideration is only given to projects that fit within our grant guidelines.

Open Grant Cycles

Applying during our open grant cycle is a two-tiered procedure.  In order to save prospective applicants the time and effort involved with the preparation of a formal grant application, we require a letter of interest (LOI).  To submit an LOI during an open cycle, the first step is to create an account (if you do not already have one). Please note: Retain your log in information, as you will need this throughout the grantmaking process and for any future applications. Access to your account is through our website (go to “log in” under the “Application” tab). Please limit each narrative answer to one brief paragraph.  The LOI is not a grant proposal but simply a means for us to gather some basic information about your organization and to determine if a formal grant proposal is aligned with our funding guidelines.  No other unsolicited information will be considered.

Older man with short white beard, in orange shirtIf your LOI is of interest to us, you will be invited to submit a full proposal. Invitations for full proposals will be sent out the following week along with access to the formal grant proposal application.  Even if your LOI is not a fit with our organization, your submission will be acknowledged. If you would like, staff is available to help you understand our funding guidelines and discuss your project ideas with you. Especially if you plan to request a large grant, prior discussion with staff is encouraged. You can contact us at

RFP Grant Cycle

The RFP process does not include an LOI. Interested organizations will need to review the RFP to determine if they are eligible to apply and their project is aligned with the specific purpose of the RFP. If so, applicants should submit their full proposal during the RFP grant cycle time period. This cycle always begin on July 1 and is open approximately 40-45 days. Current RFP guidelines are only available just prior to and throughout the RFP grant cycle time period. Always check the “Current Grant Cycle” page for the latest information.

If you have any other questions, please send us an email at or call us at (650) 320-1715.


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