Maximizing Potential for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities at UCSF

Special Hope Foundation’s Grantee educates and inspires the medical community

 “When I was in med school,” says  developmental-behavioral pediatrician Lucy Crain, “maybe a total of 4 hours was devoted to developmental disabilities, mostly cerebral palsy, epilepsy, mental retardation (before we began using the term ‘intellectual disability’) and Down Syndrome. Autism was once briefly mentioned as a differential diagnosis in a patient in clinic.”

She and Gerri Collins-Bride, RN, MS, ANP, FAAN are directors of the Continuing Medical Education Course Developmental Disabilities: Update for Medical Professionals presented by the UCSF School of Medicine and the UCSF School of Nursing.

The two have had rare opportunity of providing coordinated care in UCSF  “medical homes”  across the lifespan for their patients with disabilities and special needs, Dr. Crain as a pediatrician and Collins-Bride as an adult nurse practitioner . They continue to be a team with the conference efforts, despite Dr. Crain’s retirement from clinical practice.

Their 15th Annual Conference is coming up March 3 and 4 in San Francisco. Hurry up and register if you haven’t already-just a few spots left.

The Special Hope Foundation has provided grants to help make this conference possible for the last five years.

The conference offers a unique update for primary care and sub-specialty health care professionals and others who care for children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities and complex health care needs. The 2016 conference continues to cover topics across the lifespan on a broad range of developmental disabilities including:

–Autism spectrum disorders, exciting research and treatment
–Down syndrome
–Aging with developmental disabilities
–How systems of care will be transformed for the 21st century for children and adults with developmental disabilities.
–Cultural diversity, mental health disparities and developmental disabilities
–Policy updates on supportive decision making and self determination.
–Transition options to supported and independent employment in different communities for youth and adults with developmental disabilities.

There will also be cutting edge talks on “The New Dentistry”,  Psychopharmacology, and Genetic breakthroughs.

Read about the history of the conference HERE.



The mission of The Special Hope Foundation is  to promote the establishment of comprehensive health care for adults with developmental disabilities designed to address their unique and fundamental needs.

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