PASDA + Special Hope = Partnership with People First of California

Teamwork 101

The Special Hope Foundation met the folks from People First of California (PFCA)  through our friends at The Pacific Alliance on Disability Self Advocacy (PADSA), and it was a match made in heaven–a great example of how like-minded organizations can get together, support one another, and make a difference.

The players:

The Pacific Alliance on Disability Self Advocacy (PADSA), run by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network,  is a multi-year project that works with self advocacy groups in California, Oregon, Montana, and Washington to make them stronger. The Pacific Alliance staff are people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They are supported an Advisory Council–  75% of whom are people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

People First of California is a leading self-advocacy organization that works to strengthen the voice of people with developmental disabilities in California.

The Special Hope Foundation promotes the establishment of comprehensive health care for adults with developmental disabilities to address their unique and fundamental needs.

What happened next?

PADSA had the pleasure of initiating the relationship between PFCA and Special Hope. PCFA was seeking The Special Hope Foundation’s support for their annual, statewide conference this summer. PADSA assisted People First with the grant writing process.

A happy ending!

The Special Hope Foundation came through, awarding PFCA WITH A $10,000 GRANT. This grant will enable People First of California to include additional health care focused activities at their conference. 

“PADSA’s goal is to help build up self-advocacy organizations on the West Coast,” said Kris Guin, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Technical Assistance Coordinator. “In the coming years, we hope to assist more groups to build relationships with foundations, hold their own conferences or other major projects, and to become a strong self-advocate voice in their state.”

“It is a great opportunity for People First of California to be back on the map again,”  said Joe Meadours, the president of People First of California. “Now PFCA will be a strong organization for many self advocates in the state.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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