The Special Hope Foundation’s Self-Advocate Advisory Committee


Are you a person with a developmental disability interested in promoting healthcare? Join Special Hope Foundation’s Self-Advocate Advisory Committee!

About the Special Hope Foundation

The Special Hope Foundation is a private family foundation that promotes the establishment of comprehensive health care for adults with developmental disabilities. We provide approximately $800,000 to grantees doing innovative work in healthcare and self-advocacy field every year.

We believe that individuals with disabilities are disability experts and are looking to form a Self-Advocate Advisory Committee comprised of self-advocates with disabilities. Self-advocates will have opportunities to work with Foundation Staff and Board to create an impact.

Currently, the Self-Advocacy Advisory Committee reviews the proposals that the Foundation receives and provides input on whether or not applicants should receive funding, and whether a proposal is designed well for people with disabilities. We are hoping to go beyond proposal reviews, initiating other projects that would further advocate for better access to healthcare for individuals with developmental disabilities. Your questions and feedback might influence the work of the grantees and change the field.


  • Must be a person with a developmental disability
  • Have a passion to improve the quality of life with developmental disabilities
  • Have Internet Access with webcam capability (we can brainstorm resources with you if needed)
  • Be able to attend 2-3 two hour meetings per year
  • Be able to commit to an estimate 20 hours a year including grant proposal review
  • Have the ability to make at least a two-year commitment to serve on the Advisory Committee

If interested, please complete the form at by September 30, 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Learn more about the Special Hope Foundation.

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