Tim Shriver Thanks the Special Hope Foundation at AADMD 2015

But that is not the only thing that happened at the AADMD Global Summit on Innovations is Health and IDD.

This unique, international conference on health and healthcare for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities was held in Los Angeles, CA July 27-29, 2015 and featured practitioners, researchers and providers from around the world. The conference also served as an international medical and dental student leadership meeting.

The meeting coincided with the Special Olympics World Games, which was at it should be, as both organizations are dedicated to promoting physical activity, health, and quality of life across the lifespan for people with I/DD.

More about AADMD

The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) was organized in 2002 to provide a forum for healthcare professionals who provide clinical care to people with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities (ND/ID). Their mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities.


“In communities and states across the country, Americans with ND/ID are experiencing significant difficulty in gaining access to quality healthcare. As an organization whose purpose is to improve quality of care for all Americans with ND/ID, the most valuable contribution we can make is to contribute our expertise where it will have the most significant impact – the universities and healthcare centers where healthcare professionals are trained. Furthermore, we can enhance our contribution by working collaboratively with advocacy organizations and associations that serve our patients.”


The Special Hope Foundation was very proud to sponsor this important conference.

Highlights, fun (and not so fun) facts and takeaways

The bad news: Obesity is higher in athletes than in general population.

  • The GOOD news: Guess whose life was saved this week?  2015 World Games Global Messenger Dustin Plunkett helped open the Healthy Athletes venue where thousands of athletes received free health exams and follow-up care this week. Joined by Special Olympics and Games leadership and corporate partners who support Healthy Athletes, Dustin’s voice cracked with emotion as he told his personal story of having his life saved when oral cancer was detected in his gums at a Healthy Athletes event years ago. Over the course of World Games, Special Olympics  provided more than as 15,000 health exams.
  • Speaking of Healthy Athletes, the Golisano Foundation announced that it will provide $25 million to expand Special Olympics’ health services globally for people with intellectual disabilities, the largest single private gift in the organization’s 47-year history. 
  • An inspiring update about the Special Olympics TRAIN THE TRAINER program.
  • An exploration of ways that technology can be used to improve health outcomes.
  • A variety of talks about dental care for people for I/DD, including one from Allan Wong, who recently spoke at another conference that the Special Hope Foundation supports.
  • Alicia Bazzano, MD, MPH, PhD, Michelle Catanzarite, MD, Ari Zeldin, MD’s incredible talk  “A Model for a Developmental Health Home: The Achievable Clinic”

I am just getting started. Read the full schedule.

The Special Hope Foundation values this conference most for the quality of the networking that goes on. It’s not just “I do this, here is my card.” Instead, folks greeted each other enthusiastically, shared stories of the what they do, asked questions that were  answered with “I know just the person who can answer that question, let me introduce you to him.”

The Special Hope Foundation celebrated with a reception for our grantees at the Achievable Clinic when the conference concluded. Visit our Facebook Page to see photos from the party.

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