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Palo Alto, CA, June 4, 2019 — The WITH Foundation is pleased to announce that $392,000 will be awarded to six organizations as a result of their previous (November) open cycle. These grants will fund a variety of programs that promote comprehensive and accessible healthcare for adults with developmental disabilities.

“It is a privilege to support these efforts as they work to enhance healthcare delivery models, build capacity related supported decision-making, and continue to foster the development of healthcare policies and practices that include the perspectives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities” said Ryan Easterly, Executive Director of the WITH Foundation.

The following projects were selected for funding:

Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD):

The Turn Up the HEAT (Health is for Everyone Action Team) project builds on successful efforts led by the AUCD to include Developmental Disabilities in medical education. The project will  implement Developmental Disability (DD) competency in medical education by leveraging AUCD’s network to build capacity and develop leadership of medical schools in a three- state pilot (West Virginia, Kentucky, and Alabama).

The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health:

The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health will partner with the HSC Health Care System to implement the first-of-its-kind transition value-based payment model for young adults with IDD. This 3-year project aims to 1) incentivize child and adult practices to establish evidence-based transition supports for low income young adults with IDD, and 2) achieve improvements in the transitional care process and young adult retention in care, satisfaction, and appropriate use of healthcare.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN):

This grant will assist ASAN, a nationally-regarded Disability Policy Center, to continue and expand their work of providing robust, strategic advocacy at the state and national level on a number of fronts, including supported decision making, access to healthcare and other health policy topics. The funding will be used to educate self-advocates and policymakers alike on issues relating to healthcare and people with developmental disabilities, ensuring that self-advocates have a voice in the national conversation on healthcare.

Disability Voices United:

The Parent-to-Parent Supported Decision-Making Message and Training Development project will conduct six focus groups of parents of teenagers with (I/DD) in California to test salient messages and materials to encourage supported-decision making (SDM) in healthcare settings and beyond. The focus groups will inform the development of training materials and presentations led by peer parents. The project will also focus on Spanish-speaking parents. Materials, train-the-trainer seminars, and an online training will be offered to parent-led organizations who have the trust of their communities and can leverage the project to a greater numbers of parents.

Drexel University:

The Algorithms of Nursing Care for Hospitalized Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder project will improve care by training nurses to integrate knowledge of ASD with care planning and delivery. The team includes self-advocates who will collaborate with researchers to develop the tools to improve the efficiency of acute care services for adults with ASD. The tools will be transferable to any healthcare setting.

Hope Community Resources

Alaska is one of the state’s to pass a supported decision-making law. The Supported Health Care Decision Making Pilot project will support a staff member who will engage with the health supports team.  In conjunction with community healthcare officials, this staff member will implement a community awareness program and develop individualized supported medical decision-making agreements for Alaskan adults experiencing intellectual or other disabilities.

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WITH Foundation promotes comprehensive and accessible healthcare for adults with developmental disabilities.


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Press Contact:  Laura Shumaker

Director of Communications, WITH